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Advancing technologies

"There is no such thing as science-fiction. There is only science eventuality."

Anyone born before 1990 can vouch for the ridiculous amount of advancements in technology over the past generation. 30 years ago, less than 1% of the world population owned a cell phone. Today, 80% of the US population owns a smart phone, while 2/3 of the world own mobile devices. 30 years ago, CD's were the new way to listen to music and VHS tapes had not even been replaced by DVD's yet. Now, we stream our favorite songs and movies through services like Spotify and Netflix. If 30 years ago you asked random people on the street to explain the internet, you would be lucky to find someone who could answer you correctly. Now, we can't run our lives without it.

Advancements in neuroscience have especially been at the forefront of advancing technology. These are discoveries that help treat brain injuries and neurological disorders. 3D printing creates sustainable housing and human organs! There are multiple vaccines being administered a year after COVID-19 hit US shores. 30 years ago, this would not have been possible. It's amazing to see how much science and technology has advanced and improved our lives in so many ways.

Sometimes I forget how much technology helps me maintain a better quality of life. Between productivity and health apps, I owe most of my ability to level up in life to Android. 😁 I think many people would agree they would feel lost without their phone. Although, I am also grateful for the comfort of my running shoes supporting my 200 lb. (90.1 kg) frame and wireless earbuds to amplify my Spotify playlist for the run. Gone are the days of running with a walkman. I am also grateful for simple technologies like timers and the Tile on my keys!

Technology has been my savior on numerous occasions.

Technology can also create distractions and prevent us from taking better care of ourselves. That's why I always refer to technology as a blessing and a curse. The internet. Social media. YouTube. We can use these services to improve our well-being or indulge in our worst impulses. Whether it's picking fights on Facebook or over-binging on our favorite streaming service, it's easy to slide into unhealthy technology habits. It's on us to not get sucked down negative rabbit holes. We can also remind ourselves how technology helps us improve our quality of life and make more of an effort to utilize it to our benefit. There is no need for science-friction. 😁

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