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Beyond the veil of reality

"Behind the curtain's mystic fold The glowing future lies unrolled."

Everyone has their own idea of what heaven is, even if they don't believe in a heaven. We can explain how we perceive it. Just like the land of Oz, it's something that lies beyond our waking existence, but we have the ability to access it, if we believe in such a concept. So many modern day references describe it as the Other side or Spirit world. It's something I believe we all have the ability to access through deep meditation and plants that contain psilocybin, mescaline or DMT. These states are accessed through religious and spiritual practices.

I lost connection to my faith while growing up Catholic and became agnostic until a Spiritual awakening I had at 28 helped me reconnect to my heart. Up until then, I was not sure whether or not there is a heaven or Spirit world. I have never had a full blown experience of the Other side, but I feel it every day. I also am able to recognize the impermanence of our waking reality through meditation and psychedelics. I feel the bliss of pure Love wash over me while in a deep meditative state or under the spell of psilocybin "magic" mushrooms.

I am grateful for these experiences that help me stay connected to my faith. I understand how we are all connected to the same Source we were born from. It has made my life so much easier to live. It has made the setbacks and pitfalls much easier to accept. Having a strong connection to Spirit is what gives me hope and helps me understand how much control I have over how my future unfolds. I learned how having a positive mental attitude and practicing gratitude helps to shape the reality I wish to live in.

It may sound pretty deep and esoteric. I feel it's something everyone needs to experience for themselves to truly understand. If we choose to take a journey inside ourselves through meditation or psychedelics, we can experience the pure Love that exists beneath all of the trauma and drama of our past. Science has even hopped on board. Studies prove the lasting effects of meditation and psychedelics to help manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD. People have reported their psychological disorders being cured and having mystical experiences. It all exists within our reach (inside ourselves), but beyond the veil of our reality. Sounds intriguing, right?

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