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Creating a great workspace

"If you love your workspace, you'll love your work a little more."

- Cynthia Rowley

Our work environment can play a big role in helping us get our work done. While we may not get to choose where we work, we can do our best to make our workspace as inviting and distraction-free as possible to help us have a more pleasant and productive space to get our work done. Whether it's a factory floor, a cubicle farm or a home office, there are always opportunities to improve our surroundings. A freshly straightened up workspace can also provide the right motivation to tackle that to-do list or complete that project.

Getting rid of clutter and anything that may be a distraction while working is a simple way to start. If it does not serve a purpose for the work day, it's just taking up space. What are a few things you could do without in your current work area? Are there any distractions that make it more difficult to get work done? Sometimes our phones or computers can be distractions. There is software that restricts access to websites and apps during designated work times. It can be a huge deterrent and a big time-saver. Eliminating distractions is key to a productive workspace.

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

A great way to create an inviting workspace is to include items that motivate and inspire us to get our work done. What are some of your favorite work mantras or affirmations? Having little reminders in plain view can be just the nudge we need to complete our tasks for the day. It can something as simple as a Post-it note exclaiming, "I got this!" or "I get stuff done!" Brightening up the area with plants or photos of loved ones can also help make for a more pleasant work environment.

We all may have certain aspects of our jobs that we dislike. It does not have to be our dedicated workspace. We may not have control over where our dedicated workspace is, but most of us have the ability to make it our own. We can declutter. We can post friendly reminders and words of wisdom. We can create an area that works for us by making it more inviting. Our workspace is something we can and should make our own. What do you plan on doing to improve your workspace today?

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