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Decluttering our surroundings

“Your home is living space, not storage space.” - Francine Jay

When was the last time you went on a decluttering spree? Maybe you chose to tidy up your kitchen, closet or work space. Hopefully you were able to toss, donate or sell stuff you no longer needed or wanted. It can be easy for some people, but a lot tougher for others. Regardless, decluttering our spaces can work wonders for our lives including reduction of stress, increased confidence and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing. Also, we may find misplaced items we forgot about or figured we would never see again. Bonus!

Some people are self-proclaimed neat freaks. They live in a world free of clutter. This post is not for them. This post if for those of us who could stand to get rid of the stuff that keeps piling up but has no use to us anymore. Even items with sentimental value can lose their luster after a while. Sometimes we allow clutter to stick around for no other reason than not putting forth the effort on our part to minimize the visual distractions. Sometimes stuff blends into the background so well we don't even recognize when its no longer serving a purpose. It becomes just some unnecessary items taking up space.

Photo by Virendra Kadam on Pexels

The ultimate benefit to decluttering our physical space is it helps to declutter our mind. It's a compelling reason to keep our physical clutter to a minimum since it benefits our overall mental health. It makes sense. Walking around a clean house and having an organized work space can bring on a sense of peace and calm. No physical clutter. No mental clutter. It's something to be mindful of. The less physical distractions, the less mental distractions.

So, back to that decluttering spree. Is it time for a new spree in a new space? I have a couple spaces I am ready to tackle. It's time to get rid of more clutter. It feels good to occasionally purge the accumulation of meaningless stuff that collects like dust mites on picture frames. It can be freeing in a sense too. It's like letting go of the stuff that no longer serves us. Be gone! Go ahead. Get your declutter on and see how it helps improve your overall wellbeing and creates a much more inviting living and working environment at the same time.

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