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Getting cre@t!ve with it

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou

We are each creative in our own ways. Food. Clothes. Art. Conversation. There are so many different ways to express ourselves. It's what makes each of us unique. It's what helps make the world more engaging, interesting, beautiful and fun. We should all embrace our creative sides a bit more. We do not have to aim for perfection or need to impress anyone, including ourselves. Even just doodling in a notepad or compiling a playlist can help us tap into our creative side.

Besides allowing us to express ourselves and making life more interesting, there are so many health benefits to tapping into our creative side. We can help improve our mood, our mental health and our immune system just by being creative, which can help reduce anxiety, depression and stress. Maintaining our creative side can even help us later in life by helping to prevent the onset of dementia. How great is it that we can improve our mental and physical health just by being creative?

Photo by Arifur Rahman Tushar on Pexels

There are so many different ways for us to get our creative juices flowing. Arts and crafts may be an activity that comes to mind, but there are no limits to how we can be creative. We can also be productive at the same time by organizing our closet or redecorating a room. When it comes to writing, we do not have to pen the next great novel or screenplay. Journaling can be a great creative outlet and, as a form of therapy, help us to heal our past. The key to being creative is choosing activities that stimulate us and allows us to express ourselves more freely.

What is your creative outlet? How do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively? What makes you stand out due to your creative side? We all have our own thing. It's the unique stamp we each leave on the world. Tapping into our creative side may be something we put off since it may not be a priority for us. We can always carve out a little extra time to be creative while attending to our daily tasks, whether it's preparing a meal or texting a loved one. Being creative can make life so much more fun and enjoyable. We should all make an effort to be more creative whenever possible.

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