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Mental health toolbox

"Our greatest battles are that with our own mind."

- Jameson Frank

Think of our brains as these amazing supercomputers that help us organize, make sense of, and live out our lives. Our minds are the operating system that our brains run on. Just like computer software, where bugs need to be fixed and updates need to be installed, our minds require continued maintenance in order to function properly. This is how we continue to have a great user experience within this software program we are running on that creates our life.

Thankfully, we have the ability to fix mental bugs or old programming that create anxiety, fear or depression within us by maintaining our brain's operating system. There are so many tools that can help us address our mental health and increase our wellbeing. Exercise. Journaling. Mindfulness/Mediation. Talk Therapy. Breathwork. These are just a small sample of what we can do to keep our minds sharp and address/fix mental health issues. I encourage anyone who struggles with long term depression or suicidal thoughts to seek professional help and reach out to loved ones.

We also have access to so many great online resources with helpful advice from mental health professionals and wellbeing advocates. I recommend articles and posts that are written or endorsed by licensed and certified professionals. I also recommend larger, reputable sites like Psychology Today and Very Well Mind, as opposed to personal blogs. They have much more verified content by countless credentialed contributors. Unlimited, free, professional mental health advice? Yes, please!

What's in your mental health toolbox? What do you do to help maintain and improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life? The more tools we utilize, and the more we utilize them, the more prepared we are to address problems when they come up, and the quicker we can put them behind us. We also gain the ability to look forward to life and embrace all of it's beauty and potential. We all have the ability to live more enjoyable and meaningful lives. It's on us to commit to making it so by always minding and maintaining our mental health.

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