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Soliciting honest feedback

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

One of the best ways for us to make improvements in any area of our life is to seek out constructive criticism or evaluation of our performance. This does not just apply to our careers, where we may be subject to quarterly or annual reviews. For the most part, we spend much more time outside of work than we do on the job. While we do not receive performance evaluations for our personal lives, the people who we interact with the most may be able to provide us with insight that can help us increase our wellbeing and live life more fully.

Asking those who are closest to us for honest feedback can feel uncomfortable, but it can also be revealing and helpful. We open ourselves up to being vulnerable and shining a light on our those areas of our life where we struggle or ignore altogether. It is actually an opportunity for us to put our most honest relationships to the test. If we are unable to take constructive criticism from our closest allies, how will we ever be able to make improvements in our lives? It also challenges us to make those changes that can help improve our wellbeing.

Photo by Will Stewart on Unsplash

I found the best people to seek feedback from are those who I trust to be sincere with me and also possess qualities I admire due to success in their own lives. These are people who not only level with me, but they inspire me to become a better version of myself by sheer example of how they have managed to make improvements in their personal and professional lives. I have also learned, the stronger the relationship, the better the feedback. I have benefited more from the advice of my closest work colleagues than I have from my former supervisors.

Getting honest feedback can be a huge catalyst for positive change in our lives. It takes courage to solicit constructive criticism from those whose opinions we trust and value. It takes even more courage to make the necessary changes in response to honest feedback. It may make us cringe or feel hurt, but it may also be the kick in the pants we need to improve any area of our life we may be neglecting or not giving enough attention to. If we are willing to accept the feedback, we then have an opportunity to make the changes that help us level up in life.

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