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Stop making things worse

"When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging."

- Will Rogers

There is nothing more of a self-own than doubling down on actions that have already proven to not be worth the effort. We can all probably think back to some of our past transgressions that we would rather not admit to. We may have even repeated said actions without any moral, ethical or legal considerations. Sometimes our ugly side gets the best of us. It's the price of admission for being human. We also learn from our mistakes and keep growing in knowledge until we eventually gain the wisdom to know better.

While we have the tendency to become our own worst enemy at times, we also have the capacity to fend off this enemy. We can harness restraint over our impulses or urges to act against our own best interests. Sometimes, it can be an addiction that may require professional help. Mostly, it's just us knowing the right choice to make, maybe not always making it, but always doing it enough of the time. Although, we run the risk of getting burned when we tempt fate, knowing we are doing something against our better judgment.

Photo by rizknas on Pexels

It makes sense that the older we get, the more wisdom we gain to help us navigate life. Much of our youth is spent figuring life out and learning how to live it to the best of our ability. We make mistakes along the way and sometimes we end up learning the hard way. The key for us is to keep learning and keep applying the lessons learned. It's all part of the human experience. We grow old enough to know better, but we also have to develop the mental strength to use restraint and not give in to our impulses that may otherwise produce unfavorable results.

Sometimes we do not even realize how big of a hole we have dug ourselves into before it starts affecting us negatively. Having the self-awareness to recognize the predicament we got ourselves into is the best way to prevent it from getting any worse. We may even be lucky enough to have loved ones who help us identify the issue, but it's on us to do something about it. Instead of making matters worse, we can work on making improvements in our life. That's true self-care.

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