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Wellness to combat our worries

"As a cure for worrying, work is better than whiskey."

In a perfect world, we would never worry about anything. We would simply be content and confident that everything in our life is going according to plan and will work out just fine. All of our family and friends would be doing just fine and our careers would keep blossoming in an upward trajectory with no concerns. In reality, the longer we live, the more we realize life can be unpredictable and unforgiving at times. Worrying about the future, whether it's in our personal or professional life, can become a common occurrence.

When worry and stress strikes us, it can be easy to fall into traps of despair or anxiety that we can't seem to shake. While only about one out of five of us suffer from some type of anxiety disorder, over half of US adults experience some type of worry or concern on a daily basis. And while less than half of people suffering with anxiety seek treatment, so many people who don't experience extreme anxiety are unable to manage their worries with healthy solutions. While some people may seek comfort with exercise or meditation, many people turn to alcohol or junk food. I have identified with both groups. The latter options can seem much more enticing in the moment.

I have definitely had my fill of alcohol and junk food when my anxiety starts flaring up, but have learned to seek better outlets that make me feel better in the long term. I found the easy options end up making me feel worse. The temporary fix is fast fleeting for me and makes me regret my choices for dealing with my anxiety. As I started choosing healthier options, like meditation and exercise, I started seeing how these were much better choices with long lasting benefits. Running has become one of my go-to stress relievers, and I definitely see and feel the benefits that last longer than downing a couple of my favorite craft beers.

There are so many different options for us when addressing the worries that stew around our minds longer than we would like. We get to choose to manage them. While alcohol, Doritos and Netflix might seem like the easier option, it's only providing temporary relief and possibly causing more harm in the long run. What are some healthier options you might choose over the unhealthier ones? What makes you feel better about yourself after you have finished? I found those outlets to be the ones that help relieve my anxiety and boost my mood throughout the day. It may require a bit more effort to get started, but provides a much bigger payoff afterwards.

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