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21 Keys to upgrade your life
It starts and continues with Selfcare

Creating a better version of ourselves may not be easy, but it's very possible with the right intentions and actions. It does not have to be complicated, but it requires commitment and consistently doing the things that help us level up our life. I provide 21 keys, or actions, that can help anyone live a life not only worth getting out of bed for every morning, but being excited to take on another day filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy. There are no secrets to life listed here. They are the key ingredients to living the life you may have always wanted, but never wanted enough to put in the required effort. It's never too late, and it's never too difficult. The best time to start is right now!

1 - Accountability

Without accountability, we are already setting ourselves up to fail. Accountability is necessary to keep us committed and remind us that a better life requires consistent effort and dedication. Whether it's loved ones, alerts on our phones, journaling, or sticky note reminders on the bathroom mirror, we all need accountability. It should be imbedded in the foundation of an upgraded life. More on Accountability

2 - Proper Nutrition

Food is fuel for the body AND brain. We can choose to fuel up on high-octane (whole, unprocessed, no ingredients) or low-grade (packaged, ultra-processed, endless ingredients) food. High-octane food can taste just as good and be as cost-effective and convenient as low-grade food. It's a matter of choice. When we choose to eat cleaner, we feel better, mentally and physically. More on Proper Nutrition

3 - Daily Exercise

There is no excuse for not exercising every day, even if it's a 10-20 minute walk. Not having time is a poor excuse. Put down your phone. When we are physically fit because of daily exercise, we create more energy (Fuel!) to get more done every day. Kids. Job. Other job. Other commitments. They are all excuses. Carve out time in your day. It can save time in the long run by staying healthy. More on Daily Exercise

4 - Quality Sleep

While proper nutrition and daily exercise are fuel for our body, sleep helps us recharge or body/internal fuel cells. Imagine starting your day with your phone at 15%. It won't get you far.   More on Daily Exercise

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