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Cheering on others

"We rise by lifting others."

- Robert Ingersoll

It's fun to be a fan. We can cheer on our favorite teams and show our support by wearing team apparel and attending games. The truest of fans are willing to stick with their teams through thick and thin. Although, being a dedicated fan can be exhausting at times, depending on who you root for. Even more satisfying than rooting for our favorite team is rooting for our loved ones. We have the ability to cheer them on and show our support as they do their thing.

The best part about rooting for our loved ones and those closest to us is, they can hear us loud and clear! Our support and encouragement is felt. It can make all the difference between someone feeling like their efforts are not worth it, to making them feel like they can accomplish anything if they stick to it with the right attitude. This is why some of the best teachers, coaches and counselors also make the best cheerleaders. They understand the importance of a caring support system.

Photo by Nur huda on Pexels

As I'm sure we all have experienced, it also feels great to cheer on others, especially people we care about and want to see succeed. It's a win-win situation. We can also feel inspired and motivated by others as we root for their success and achievements. By observing their success, we may feel the itch to create some success of our own. It can also be helpful to let those who inspire us know what they did. We can also honor their inspiration by doing something about it. Then they can cheer us on!

It's natural to root for others. In sports. In the movies. And especially in real life. When we have a rooting interest in the lives of others, we recognize the fact that we are all in this together. Nobody is forced to do things on their own. We all could use some help, even if it's just a little encouragement or well wishes. It's good to know we are not alone. It's never a bad time to remind those who we care about how we are rooting for them in their endeavors. You may be reaching out at just the right time!

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