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Choosing good company

"People inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely.”

- Hans F. Hansen

Jim Rohn said we become like the five people we spend the most time with when relating to our attitudes and ambitions in life. It makes sense. The same way misery loves company, happy wants to hang with more happy. The complainers look for complainers to complain with and the doers like getting stuff done with other doers. Inevitably, we encounter people spread across a wide spectrum of attitudes and ambitions. It’s up to us to choose who we invest our time and energy with.

I gravitate toward positivity and possibilities. I do my best to avoid negativity and fixed realities. Since there are people in our lives like family and co-workers who we may not have the pleasure of picking, I am careful about how I spend my energy. When I get caught in a negativity tornado l didn’t even see coming I allow it to pass by, just like a storm that quickly evaporates into sunshine. I found by not feeding into the storm it dissolves much quicker with less damage.

When I hang with the people I choose to be around I am inspired by their ideas and positive energy. I see how they treat life the same way I do, with a choose-your-own adventure attitude that opens the door to unlimited opportunities and outcomes. They see the world with a fresh pair of eyes, unaffected by naysayers and their own previous limited view of the future that prevented them from thriving in life. I feel grateful to have friends who have carved their own path to prosperity and freedom. They knew they could live a better life so they started doing it. That inspires me! 😀

Now I live life with a “Can do” attitude that has been paying off for me. I’m still fitting the pieces into place, but that’s the fun part! It’s like putting a puzzle together and seeing the picture come into focus as the final pieces are being locked in. I love surrounding myself with people who are helping me out with their encouragement and same zest for life that I share. I feel blessed to have a super supportive cheering section. Of course, it’s up to me to go out there and make it happen, but it’s the people I surround myself with that help me to get it done. So I choose those people wisely, which is why I gravitate toward positivity and possibilities.

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