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Holding ourselves accountable

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result."

Reaching goals we set for ourselves is determined by our willingness to put in the required effort until we successfully accomplish them. Some goals are easier to achieve than others. We determine the difficulty level of our goals. The key to attaining our goals is to make sure they are SMART in nature. If our goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound, we are more likely to succeed. The other important factor is our ability to hold ourselves accountable to our goals, which determines how bad we really want whatever it is we are looking to accomplish.

Sometimes I lose motivation to pursue my goals. It's not that I lose my passion for my current pursuits. With bigger goals, the finish line can at times seem too far off to keep me motivated and on task. Part of me feels like giving up. Part of me knows I have to keep plugging away to eventually see my vision come to fruition. One of the best things I ever did to accomplish more of my goals is to have accountability partners. I struggled holding myself accountable for some of my bigger goals, so I recruited a couple friends to help me out.

Having an accountability partner helps me to stay on task. I want to be able to report my progress. It's weird how I become more concerned about letting my friends down than about letting myself down. Also, by sharing my goals with others, it makes me more determined. I want to prove I am capable of accomplishing my goals. Again, I am more concerned about proving myself to others than proving myself right. For whatever reason, it works for me. It's the same reason I have not missed one day of posting to this blog since Day 1. The subscribers hold me accountable. So, if you subscribe to this blog, thank you for your help! 😁

It's easy to set goals. Sticking to them can be the tough part if we do not have enough motivation or passion to see them through. If we can learn more ways to hold ourselves accountable for the goals we set for ourselves, we can find more success in our pursuits. If we have trouble holding ourselves accountable, there are people we can turn to for help. Whether it's personal or professional, the more we put our plans out there and share them with others, the more likely we are to accomplish our goals.

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