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inSPIREd happiness

"Being happy never goes out of style."

So many factors can contribute to our overall happiness and sense of satisfaction with life. Family. Friends. Career. Health. We know what makes us happy, but we also know what can prevent our happiness from sticking around. Family. Friends. Career. Health. So while those factors can contribute to our happiness and lack thereof, there are certain factors within our control that can allow us to focus on creating more happiness and less drama in our lives, giving us a better sense of wellbeing.

In his latest book "Happiness Studies," Harvard lecturer Tal Ben-Sharar incorporates the work of philosophers, theologians, biologists, economists, and scholars from other disciplines to help paint a better picture of what it means to live a happier life and how to actually attain and sustain more happiness in our lives. He created the SPIRE framework which relates to our Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional wellbeing. These are the facets of our lives we have the ability to develop to create more happiness and less drama, especially as it relates to family, friends, career and health.

Photo by Amarnath Tade on Unsplash

It seems the more we have a handle on our SPIRE, the better we are able to regulate our response to those outside factors that threaten our happiness and wellbeing. SPIRE focuses on wholebeing and encourages us to know ourselves better on the surface and at the deepest levels of our being. Essentially, the more we are in tune with each area of SPIRE, the more we are able to grow into our greatest potential while creating a deeper connection to self. Are you inSPIREd by this? I am!

SPIRE challenges us to improve our mental, physical, Spiritual and emotional health. It can help us develop better relationships in all areas of our lives. It challenges us to take more responsibility for our own wellbeing without shifting blame on others or being too hard on ourselves. It can also help to eliminate the need for self-loathing. So the next time you are feeling like life isn't going so well, I encourage you to think of SPIRE and how your happiness is determined by you, regardless of your current circumstances. It may just help you get back to your happy place a little quicker.

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