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Living our 'Why'

"I don't think life is absurd. I think we are all here for a huge purpose."

- Norman Mailer

It is one of the biggest questions people ask themselves and others when contemplating our existence: "Why are we here?" or "Why am I here?" If there is a correct answer, science, religion and Spirituality have not come to a conclusive agreement. Some people are convinced they know why we are living out our existence in this lifetime, while others have some idea, have no clue or do not bother to ponder why. In the grand scheme of things, it is an interesting question, "Why are we here?"

I have a strong feeling we are all here as part of our Soul growth. My belief is the result of years of deep reflection and contemplation. That's an easy one to shoot down for anyone who does not believe we have a Soul. I also believe in reincarnation and that we keep living lives while continuing to develop our individual Souls. I do not know it to be absolute truth, but I feel it. I believe it. It is based on my connection with Spirit more than anything. The truth lies beyond the veil of our existence.

Photo by YI on Pexels

While arriving at this understanding, I have chosen to keep developing my Soul by continuing to learn and grow through unconditional love and compassion toward myself and others. It has served me well by improving my overall sense of wellbeing. I still struggle while I continue striving, so I am constantly learning and growing. I see it as my purpose on Earth and within unseen planes of existence. It's my Why. It's also why I write and rap about it. It's why I am always talking about leveling up in life and becoming better versions of ourselves.

What's your Why? It does not have to be as deep as why we are all here. Why are you here? What are you striving toward or maintaining while thriving in life? What gets you excited about your day? We all should have some sort of Why to help justify our existence and reason for living. There should be something that keeps us moving in the right direction through the ups and downs on the rollercoaster ride of life. The more clearly we define it, the more we can live it and enjoy the ride. It helps us keep striving to live life on purpose, even while we are thriving. All the more reason to keep living our Why.

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