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Music as a medicine

"Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch."

- Debasish Mridha

Music is powerful. Think of some of your favorite songs and the meaning they have for you. We have songs that transport us back to vivid memories we created while those songs were first playing. We have songs we share with others who were involved in some of those same memories. What would movies, road trips and parties be without music? Music is everywhere and serves as the backdrop for so many moments in our lives. One of music's most powerful attributes, though, is it's ability to heal us in a way that modern medicine does not.

The same way incorporating breathing techniques can help us to reduce any stress or anxiety we may be feeling in the moment, music can do the same, where all that is required of us is to listen. Music has also helped stroke patients improve their motor and cognitive functioning, while also helping dementia patients reduce their symptoms of depression. Music can help to elevate our mood and even help us to fall asleep faster. Music is not just entertainment. It is a magic elixir that helps heal the body, mind and Soul.

Photo by Mike Giles on Unsplash

While many people may not think to include music in their first-aid kit for life, it's one of those versatile tools that outshines bandages and aspirin. Music has the power to heal us on a much deeper level. Programs such as the Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine and top

US universities offering music therapy majors shows the validity of music as a source of healing. There has also been a recent surge of incorporating binaural beats as a form of sound wave therapy due to it's benefits and healing effects. Music heals.

What benefits do you receive from music? Have you ever thought about it? Beyond cranking up your current "That's my jam" song, how has music helped improve your wellbeing? There are so many factors including beats, lyrics and tones. From drum circles to choir lofts, music is there, helping us to heal. I encourage you to take a deeper dive into different genres and listening in different environments. Music can take us to some magical places inside our minds too. That's where the healing happens.

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