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Socializing and connecting

"Solitude, isolation, are painful things, and beyond human endurance."

Think about one of your most reserved and reclusive friends. Now think about one of your most outgoing and sociable friends. Pair those two up and that would describe my personality and personal life. I'm a homebody who thrives on the energy of good company and interacting with new people. On the introvert vs. extrovert spectrum, I would fall somewhere in the middle. I was the shy class clown. I have discussed this topic with many people who feel like they fall into a similar category.

The middle of the introvert and extrovert spectrum can swing in either direction. While I have my introverted side who prefers solitude and working independently, I also enjoy gathering with my friends and networking with people who share my same interests and passions. I feel more comfortable as an introvert, so on the spectrum I spend more time on the quiet side. I also rarely invite friends to meet up, but I rarely turn down invitations if I'm available. So, while I may not initiate a gathering, I'm usually up for one. I also show up ready to catch up, reminisce and have fun. I'm not one to sit in the corner.

I understand how important it is to socialize and create bonds with others.. Whether it is our families, neighbors or coworkers, we can learn how to relate when we communicate. We can discover how, underneath it all, we are all very similar in so many different ways. I feel like the more we communicate with others, the more we have the ability to understand each other. This way, when we disagree on something, we are more willing to see situations from different perspectives. We can also develop better communication skills when we invest more time into socializing and connecting more with others.

Would you consider yourself more an an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of social interaction? If you are more introverted, I encourage you to make more time to socialize with friends and meet new people who share your interests. If you are more extroverted, I encourage you to connect with your more introverted friends and encourage them to come out of their shell more often. Research supports the benefits of connecting more with others. As humans, whether outgoing or reserved, we crave connections. We just have to reach out.

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