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The Love factor

"Where there is love there is life."

When we talk about love, we use it many different contexts. We love our family and friends, but we also love our favorite foods and places to visit. Sometimes we fall in and out of love with people, places and things. Love can sometimes be difficult to explain since it is only a feeling that expands or contracts based on how strong we feel about those people, places or things. There is also unconditional love we reserve for family and our closest friends. This can be the truest form of love, as it typically does not waver or wane, even when we may feel hurt or mistreated by our closest loved ones.

Love has the capacity to teach us how to live more from our hearts instead of our heads. It can help us to show more compassion and empathy toward others. Even when we fall out of love with people, we may still hold love in our heart for them. We may not necessarily like them much anymore, but if our heart is in the right place, Love can help us take the high road and not feel the need to make things ugly or messy. Love is powerful. Love can make even the darkest days offer some sense of comfort and peace.

The opposite of love is usually defined as hate or fear. Those are two ugly words. When someone says they hate something, I will sometimes respond, "Hate is a strong word." I feel this way especially if it is something that has no feelings or any regard for us. You hate traffic? You hate cold weather? To me, it signals that sometimes people allow themselves to get all worked up over something beyond their control. I tolerate traffic and cold weather, but I love open roads and summer days! I don't really hate anything. I'm still working on not fearing so much. I believe that can help open up more love in my heart.

I believe the Love factor is what separates people who enjoy life and people who are fed up with life. We have all lived long enough to live on both sides of life. There are people who I feel prefer to live on the dark side of life, but I believe most people prefer the bright side of life, where there is much more Love and very little room for negativity. We get to choose how much love we put out into the world. We get to choose how much love we give to ourselves and those closest to us. It can be a very beautiful thing, if we are willing to let go of the hate and fear. This way, we leave more room for Love!

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