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What love has to do with it

"The science of love is the philosophy of the heart."

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

For the 40+ crowd, you may remember that Tina Turner tune from the 80's, "What's love got to do with it." It's a powerful song. You may even be singing it in your head right now. Or, at least, now you are. You may have also discovered since then that Love is much more than, as Tina puts it, a "second-hand emotion." Some people would argue that Love is everything. Even though it cannot be measured from a science perspective, it can be felt by everyone. It's part of the human condition. Love is the glue that connects us on an ethereal level.

Love goes well beyond being some second-hand emotion. Love is something we express toward others in many different ways on many different levels. On a personal level, my quality of life improved once I started expressing Love toward others more often. I also learned to stop treating others with disrespect. I owe it all to reconnecting with my heart. It took a lot of deep reflection and introspection. On the other side of it I had this brand new zest for life where I felt the need to have positive interactions with everyone I interacted with. I even started treating myself a little better. It felt really good. It still does. I owe that to Love.

Photo by Dan Musat on Unsplash

On the romance side of things, being in loving relationships has plenty of health benefits. Besides promoting happiness and helping to reduce stress and anxiety, healthy relationships help us to take better care of ourselves and live longer. I spent most of my adult life not being in a committed relationship with someone. I'm going on a year and a half in my current relationship. I never realized what I was missing out on. None of my previous relationships lasted more than a few months, so I never really got to the stage of truly being in Love with someone. It has helped me to practice more self-love too. It feels amazing. I owe it all to Love.

Love is ubiquitous. It's simply a matter of us tapping into the Love inside us. We have the capacity to love or not love. We still get upset. We get sad. As long as we are responding to ourselves and others with Love, there is no need to head down a negative path. The path filled with optimism, hope and faith is the path of Love. If we ever start drifting from that path, Love is there to pull us back in when we respond to that invitation with Love. Even in times where we do not feel like loving, Love is still here, inside all of us. Waiting to be summoned. It's our saving grace. If you ask me, Love has everything to do with it.

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