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Creating our own luck

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

- Seneca

Luck comes in many different forms. Fortune and misfortune happens to all of us. Some call it luck. Some call it fate. Some call it karma. Whatever it is, we cannot avoid it, but we can manipulate the odds when it comes to how lucky we are in many areas of our life. When it comes to our health, our careers and our relationships, we can increase the odds of fortune and decrease the odds of misfortune. There will always be certain factors beyond our control, but we can also help to create our own good luck and avoid bad luck.

Regarding our health, we are able to decrease the likelihood of getting sick or contracting diseases. We may not be able to avoid our genetic makeup, but we can take preventative measures to stay healthy. This is not only limited to our physical health. We can take measures to help prevent mental decline too. The same way we exercise and eat healthy to maintain and improve our physical health, we can also address our mental health through practices like meditation, medication and meeting regularly with a mental health professional. The more we focus on maintaining and improving our physical and mental health, the luckier we will be in those areas of our life.

Photo by Mitchell Lou on Pexels

Regarding our careers and professional pursuits, our luck can also be determined by the amount of effort we put in. Some people are content with doing just enough to stay gainfully employed. Some people go beyond what is expected of them. Guess which people are going to experience more "luck." The most successful business people in the world created their own good fortune by putting in the required effort. They may have benefitted by being in the right place at the right time, but they were the main reason for their level of success. They created opportunities for luck to keep showing up.

There are times when we have no control over the bad or good luck we experience. Sometimes it's just how life unfolds, for better or worse, through no fault or favor of our actions. However, we have the ability to increase our good luck by the amount of effort we put into improving the different areas of our lives. This is how we skew the odds in our favor. We can sit back and allow life to happen to us, or make life happen for us. Our luck depends on it.

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