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Helping our future self

"Do something today your future self will thank you for."

- Sean Patrick Flannery

We cannot just expect life to get better for us. Sure, we may benefit financially by occasional windfalls and the incremental progress of paying down a mortgage or contributing to a retirement fund.

What about our mental and physical health? How are we supposed to enjoy our retirement and so-called "golden years" if we are limited by our overall health?

If we are not constantly making an effort to improve our wellbeing by focusing on our overall health, our golden years may not turn out to be as shiny and bright as we had hoped.

We each have the ability to improve our future quality of life by taking constant care of our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It should not only be considered as daily maintenance. It is also preventative care.

Many of the leading causes of death in the US that affect the heart, lungs and kidneys can be prevented with proper healthcare. Even mental health diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia can be delayed or prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels

The same way we prevent death and injury with safety measures, we can prevent disease, rapid mental and physical decline, and even premature death by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into our day.

Not only do we set the proper stage for being able to enjoy our golden years, we also are able to spend our retirement savings on things we enjoy instead of medical bills.

We also save time spent at the doctor's office because we spent so much time exercising, eating healthy and addressing our mental health BEFORE we retired. When it comes to our overall health, prevention is the key to a better and brighter future .

So, what are you doing today to address your overall health and wellbeing that your future self will thank you for? It's an investment that pays off huge dividends when we are making a continuous effort to improve our quality of life for the short and long term.

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