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Healing from the past

"Self-forgiveness is essential to self-healing"

We all have mental and emotional scars on our hearts from any pain or trauma we have endured in the past. Whether it be in our personal or professional life, we experienced the anguish and the mental toll it took on us. Some scars we have long forgotten, as the wounds healed quicker. Some are larger and deeper, requiring more healing so we can move on with our lives.

A few of the larger scars on my heart required me to address my past and come to terms with the lingering trauma I still carried around with me. It affected my quality of life and prevented me from letting go and moving on. My deepest scar was from when I attempted suicide at age 25. Best failure ever! 😁 (On a serious note, I encourage anyone who is in that dark place to reach out for help.) I can joke about it now because I have addressed the wounds and healed from them, but I had to process everything that brought me to that point in my life.

After a lot of soul searching and deep reflection through meditation and plenty of time in nature, I was finally able to come to terms with what I had done and why I had done it. At first, I blamed others, not wanting to believe I could do that to myself. Once I was able to take responsibility for my actions, the healing started, even though it was a very tough pill to swallow. When I was finally able to forgive myself for what I had done, that's when the healing was complete. It helped me understand the importance of self-love and the power of forgiveness, to ourselves and others.

Addressing the trauma from our past can be scary. Revisiting and processing old wounds is not fun. It is important, though, if we want to let go of the past so we can build a better and brighter future for ourselves. I learned that personal growth starts and ends with personal responsibility, self-love and self-care. If we choose not to address pain from the past, we may never find the peace we are looking for. We may have to go through some hell while healing, but we allow ourselves the ability to come out freer and lighter on the other side of it.

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