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Grateful for the setbacks

"Wounds make better lessons than lectures."

- Brian Herbert

We have all overcome setbacks and roadblocks in life. We have been tested. We have mustered up the needed courage and resilience to carry on despite the misfortune or seemingly insurmountable odds. It's part of life. The scars on our bodies and in our hearts and minds are proof that we have lived. They are reminders that life may not always work out in our favor, but our response determines whether we learn and grow from the experience or allow it to prevent us from living a life full of more purpose and joy.

Hypothetical question here, but what if we are meant to experience these hardships? What if we need to endure the physical and emotional pain in order to truly appreciate the feeling of joy and pleasure? I only ask since I have definitely been on the receiving end of so much physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual pain. I have experienced some dark moments and periods in my life. I have been at my lowest point. And you know what? I am grateful for all of the hardships. I am grateful for the setbacks and the sorrow. It all helped shape me for the better. It all helped me create a stronger appreciation for myself and my life.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Now don't get me wrong. I do not want to invite more misfortune into my life. I have simply changed my perspective and my response when things do not go my way. I chose to stop complaining so much. I stopped the self-loathing. I stopped the self-defeating thoughts and negative attitude. It wasn't helpful. I still allow brief self-pity parties, but honestly, I don't really need them anymore. They were a security blanket for the first half of my life. Now I use that time to reflect on what has happened and chalk it up as a learning and growth experience. And yes, I will express gratitude for the lesson learned.

What negative experiences in your life can you now look back on and be grateful for everything you learned that helped make you mentally, physically, emotionally or Spiritually stronger and more resilient? Life tests our resolve. It's on us to show life what we are capable of. Our setbacks from the past are reminders of our strength and resilience. We made it this far. We must be doing something right. As long as we keep learning and growing from the setbacks, we can allow for a lot less of them as they prepare us for a brighter future full of more purpose and joy. That's something to be truly grateful for.

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