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Mastering restraint by setting limits

"Sometimes our power resides not in what we do, but what we don't do."

- Paul Coelho

One of the simplest things we can do to help improve our quality of life is nothing. It may be difficult to resist temptation and indulge in our guilty pleasures, but it's not a tough concept to grasp: Avoid or limit things that prevent us from becoming the best version of ourselves. That can mean anything from unhealthy foods to unproductive habits like doom scrolling on social media. We should all be entitled to our guilty pleasures, but we should also be mindful so any overindulgence doesn't derail us from being able to live our best life

We all have our own vices. For me, caffeine and YouTube are two things I have to put limits on. While they are both great tools that help me create these posts, I also recognize that these two vices in excess can lead to heightened anxiety and wasted time in a deep YouTube rabbit hole. I have come up with a system to prevent me from spending too much time on YouTube, as much as I want to justify every second as "research." You can even manage use within the app.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

With caffeine I was able to cut my intake in half and noticed it help me to not feel so anxious. I replaced the missing coffee with more water. I found that replacing that missing coffee with a healthier alternative was a great way to stick to my caffeine limit. I will also add some lemon to my water to give it some flavor and for added health benefits. This simple switch showed me how to turn a potential unhealthy habit into a healthier one with not a great deal of willpower on my end. I don't miss the additional caffeine, and in a weird way, I sometimes feel more energized without it.

What are one or two habits or lifestyle choices you feel could benefit your wellbeing by setting a limit for yourself? We don't have to deprive ourselves of our guilty pleasures and vices that get us through our day, but limiting our use of them can greatly benefit our overall quality of life. We show ourselves that we are in control and have the ability to step away from that extra cookie or that extra YouTube clip. We can set limits that help us live a more disciplined and healthier life.

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