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Making passionate pursuits

“If you are not excited about it, it may not be the right path.”

- Abraham Hicks

We each have our own personal and professional pursuits. Not all of our pursuits turn out to be as invigorating and rewarding as we hoped. Sometimes we learn our expectations do not always match with what unfolds. We also run the risk of us losing enthusiasm for whatever it is we are pursuing, especially if it fails to meet our expectations. For example, business partnerships and personal relationships might start off pleasant, and even better than we imagined. However, some relationships sour, or even become toxic over time. This is when it may be time to reconsider our options and whether it's time to move on.

We are only granted so many days during this lifetime. We don't even know how many trips around the sun we get. This is all the more reason to keep pursuing things that excite us. Ideally, we should have multiple reasons to be enthusiastic about getting out of bed every morning. If we find ourselves having less of a reason, and not as much motivation to get out of bed, that could be a sure sign that something needs to change.

Photo by Amy Chandra on Pexels

There are times where we may feel stuck, whether it's in a relationship or a job we no longer enjoy. It happens. It may not be as simple as ending the relationship or quitting the job. It may involve looking at the situation from a new perspective. It may involve making changes that allow for something more intriguing and alluring to transpire. If it feels like there is no way to improve the situation, it may be time to consider forging a new path forward toward something more inviting.

So, what has you excited about your life lately? Which of your passionate pursuits have been paying rewarding dividends? If you are struggling to answer, I challenge you to explore something new and exciting that stimulates you. This way, when you finally reach the end of your ride on Earth, you can hopefully look back and be happy that you made the most of it (or at least made it worth the ride). You won't have to resort to "should haves" or "could haves" since you kept making passionate pursuits.

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