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When life happens

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

In my personal experience I have come to see life as a series of scenes, stories and events that help us learn and grow as individuals. On an even deeper level, I also believe our journey through life contributes to our Soul growth. Once we reach adulthood, I see life as a "Choose your own adventure" where we reap the rewards and consequences that come with our choices. Our experience is what helps us to learn and grow from our circumstances.

When we encounter setbacks or roadblocks, we apply the skills we have learned to manage and move on. The longer we live, the larger our skillset of knowledge. The more personal and professional hardships, the more we can develop a thicker skin and the capacity to see misfortune as an opportunity in disguise when we are feeling hurt, defeated or mistreated. We also develop the capacity to experience the other side of those setbacks where lessons learned can pave an even better path for us if we choose to apply what we learned.

Photo by Natã Romualdo on Pexels

Remembering how I have survived all of my biggest hardships and setbacks, while developing personal growth in the process, is what helps me bounce back quicker when life does not go my way. I have also learned how the quicker I bounce back, the less time I spend in life purgatory where I'm indecisive and insecure about choosing my next adventure. I have learned to ask myself, "What can I learn from this experience?" and "How can I apply this learned lesson in the future." From a Spiritual perspective I am able to see the lessons as blessings that provide opportunities for my Soul growth.

Life happens. The ups and downs and all arounds. I imagine the longer we have been on Earth, the more we understand how life happens. I have mentioned how I see life as a round of golf. At 43, I'm just starting the back nine. It's all of those lessons I learned on the front nine of life that make me much more prepared and excited for the back nine. I can still use a few lessons to help me improve my game, since I understand that the learning and growing does not stop until we have putted out on the 18th green. Until then, it's on us to keep seeing those opportunities for personal growth when life happens.

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