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Accepting whatever unfolds

“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”

- Carl Jung

I learned a while ago a huge key to living a great life is being willing to accept whatever circumstances unfold in our life, everything from inconvenient to tragic. Of course some things are much tougher to come to terms with, like the death of a loved one or losing a job. Since these events are less frequent, my intention is to focus more on accepting the minor stuff. I am referring to the amount of time and negative energy we invest into minor hassles we can’t change or did not expect. It’s like pouring salt on the wound. This is very much like letting it go or letting it be, but from a different perspective.

It can be deflating and weigh heavy on us when things do not turn out the way we expected. We had our mind made up and heart set on things turning out a certain way. So, what now? This is where reacting with negative emotions like anger, contempt and despair only make life worse. I used to get so angry over little things like bad drivers or unreliable friends. I used get impatient in traffic or in line at the store. Why? Bad drivers will still drive bad. Long lines at stores happen. Why did I allow it to bother me so much?

Perhaps, in the moment, we are displacing our emotions, which requires commitment toward personal growth. We can also simply accept that these unwanted events and circumstances happen in our life. We can choose to respond accordingly, with less negative emotion. It’s easier said than done at first, but not a complicated concept to grasp. I worked on stepping back from my immediate impulses to react negatively to things out of my control, which required more self-awareness and mindfulness. Once I stopped sweating the small stuff, life not only became more manageable, it became more enjoyable!

One of my newer affirmations is that “I live my life with excited anticipation while accepting whatever unfolds.” By not being so attached to the outcome, I do not set myself up for disappointment. And if something does not turn out the way I expected, I have learned to accept it. I don’t have to like it, but the sooner I come to terms with it, the quicker I can get back to enjoying my life.

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