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Ass-u-me nothing

"Your assumption, and the truth, dine at totally separate tables."

Who has not made an ass out of themselves and others by assuming? It's part of being human. Like all of our traits, we each fall on the spectrum somewhere of how often we choose to make assumptions without the facts. The tough part about assuming is when we get it completely wrong and end up paying for it in some way or another. Many times, it ends up being miscommunication or lack of information that's gets us burned.

I used to assume a lot because I also used to think I knew a lot. I was small minded in my youth. I was not shy about sharing my opinion. I feel my biggest problem was I assumed people thought like me, and it took me a while to recognize my thinking is quite unconventional. 🤪 😁 I failed to see things from the perspective of other people. This realization helped me to develop more compassion and empathy for everyone I interact with, understanding we all live different experiences, but are born from the same place.

Now that I assume A LOT less, I learned to avoid judging other people, especially if it's none of my business. I also stopped sharing my two cents so much, assuming I knew all the facts. It has been much more freeing for me to let it be and keep my two cents in my pocket. If I do feel the need to speak my mind, I make sure to gather the facts first. I do not want to assume I know the intentions of others. I understand it usually never plays out the way it does in my head, which is why I avoid assuming at all cost. I'm still human though. Practicing mindfulness techniques helps reign me in.

I prefer not assuming. It helps me avoid being wrong, which I have too many reminders of guessing gone very bad. 😬 Not assuming has helped me develop better communication with the people I am closest with. I like to make sure I am on the same page with everyone. Less assumptions and misunderstandings help to make everyone's life more hassle-free. We just have to remind ourselves, the less we assume, the less we make asses out of ourselves and others.

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