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Checking our blind spots

"Know thyself"

- Socrates

As individuals, we are the ones who should know ourselves better than anyone else. One of the perks that comes with age is we get to develop an even greater relationship with ourselves. We grow in and out of habits, routines, jobs and friendships as we get older, and hopefully much wiser. As we get better at navigating life, hopefully we also become more in tune with ourselves. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we can make improvements in our lives by becoming more aware of areas that could use our attention.

Sometimes we may get too comfortable with habits, routines, jobs and friendships that may no longer serve our best interests. Have you ever looked around and wondered to yourself, "Why am I still doing this? Why am I not doing that? Why do I still associate with them? Why am I so stressed?" These are valid questions we should continuously be asking ourselves if we find that we are not living up to our own standards or expectations. Also, if we get too comfortable living below those standards and expectations, we may end up with even bigger issues down that road that could have been prevented.

To really get to know ourselves we have to be willing to take our blinders off and stop making excuses for why we may not be satisfied in certain areas of our life. When it comes to our overall health, our relationships, our careers and our quality of life, we may even know where we should focus our attention, but we may be unwilling to make the necessary commitment to make those improvements. Without the commitment, we may relegate ourselves to surviving our way through life instead of taking charge of it.

Have you checked your blind spots lately? Do you see any areas of your life where you feel you could make some improvements? They don't have to be major improvements. Sometimes, it's the simple tweaks we make to our lifestyle that help us realize there is more to life and we can create better living situations for ourselves. By regularly checking our blind spots, we can continue to make those minor improvements that help us level up so we can live life more fully and with more joy.

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