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Out of many, One

"Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity to peace."

E pluribus Unum. Out of many, One. It's printed on all US currency and is part of the Great Seal of the United States. It's the motto that helped turn a nation of immigrants into the most powerful country on the planet. It's an example of how people from all walks of life and every social class come to live in a (sorta) fair and free democracy. While every now and then our faith may be shaken, the US has endured many hard times. We even fought ourselves over equal rights and the abolishment of slavery.

Almost 250 years after becoming a nation we still face hardships, but more importantly, we still endure those hardships and carry on. A lack of bipartisanship and decency has created a much divided nation once again. While I was raised like most of us to not talk about politics and religion, I believe that is how we got ourselves into this mess politically (Let's save religion for another post). Lack of communication and poor communication is a reason families and organizations fall apart. Why would that be any different for a country?

I am guilty as any for my lack of communication and miscommunication in my personal and professional relationships. I realized this and now communicate more often and more effectively. What I never do is spoil those lines of communication with misinformation or ill intent. It's not my style. I believe it's important to honor and preserve open lines of communication. I may not always utilize them, but I'm not one for burning bridges. It serves me well.

My hope for our country is that we communicate more honestly and effectively, from Main St. to Wall St. and especially in Washington D.C. I consider myself a free agent on the political spectrum. I want opportunity, equality and justice for all. I believe we can return to making great progress with more open and honest communication. It will take reaching deep down into our heart of hearts and extending olive branches that exist because of the deep multicultural roots this country has like no other. It's how we put people on the moon. It takes all of us in constant open and honest communication to keep doing great things and sustain this great country. Out of many, One. That's how we make progress. All of us, as One.


I wrote this song in August 2017 during a dark weekend in Charlottesville, NC

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