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Pivoting to something new

"See any detour as an opportunity to experience new things."

Sometimes we are forced to pivot in response to unforeseen circumstances. Maybe that business idea or new job is not panning out. Perhaps your new hobby seems more like a hassle than engaging. The challenge can be moving toward something new, possibly even better, if we are willing to commit to pivoting in a new direction. Otherwise, we may find ourselves stuck in the mud and spinning our wheels, unsure of how to move forward from our predicament.

I liken this to the unhelpful paralysis by analysis approach. It can prevent us from making meaningful progress in our personal and professional lives. When things do not turn out the way we planned them, we are forced to reckon with our circumstances. However, we are also given a fresh opportunity to head in a new direction. Of course it can be challenging, especially if it's something we are not familiar with. We can also see it as exciting, since it pulls us away from our regular day in and day out routine that may be getting us nowhere.

I have been learning not to dwell so much on my pursuits that did not work out. What I have been doing instead is evaluating my past experiences, whether successful or not, and using them to make more informed choices about my next moves. It helps me understand what drives me or turns me off. Jobs. Relationships. Leisure activities. The longer we live, the more we understand what we don't like and what has not worked. We are never starting from scratch.

We also have to be willing to take a leaps of faith when facing unchartered territory and not knowing how things will pan out. It can be absolutely terrifying. It can also be very exciting! Have you been considering any new pursuits in an area of your life where you feel stuck? If so, what is preventing you from taking the next steps? To avoid the paralysis by analysis, it's on us to address our concerns. We may find out there was not really much to be concerned about in the first place. We just have to be willing to take that leap.

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