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Proceed with confidence

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."

What makes some people more confident than others? Or rather, why are so many people unable to muster up the confidence they need to achieve their goals and continue striving and thriving in life? I have seen some very smart people limit their abilities and potential while watching "not so smart" people achieve great things. It's not an IQ thing. It's not even a resource thing. We all know about rags to riches stories. Is it luck? Perhaps. But what is luck? I believe that in order to achieve great things we need confidence.

So, how do we become more confident? How do we ignore our fear of failure or thinking we are not capable or "good enough?" How do we muster up the courage we need to proceed with confidence? For me, I realized I had to not care about what other people are going to think of me, regardless of what I set out to do. I was allowing others to limit my potential. I was also afraid of setbacks I may encounter along the way to my goals. I found I had it all wrong.

What I found about "not so smart" people is they do not overthink things. They don't consider all the pitfalls and what could go wrong. They don't talk themselves out of it. They just dive in the deep end and start swimming. So I stopped overthinking things. I just started doing things instead that help me strive toward my goals. I stopped thinking, "What if (negative outcome)," and started thinking "what if (positive outcome)." Of course that sounds simple (not easy), because it is! We can shift our thinking to produce more favorable outcomes!

This is what I call, "Excited anticipation, while accepting whatever unfolds." I take those results (not failures) and proceed or pivot from there. And as for what others think, I have been consorting with the people who support and encourage me to keep striving toward my goals. I don't think about the naysayers or pessimists that may even be rooting for me to fail to make themselves feel better. Now I surround myself with positive people and focus on setting goals and achieving results from my endeavors. Adapting a growth mindset has also helped immensely. The results have been amazing!

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