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Rising from the ashes

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."

I love a great comeback story. I especially love rooting for the underdog and watching them succeed despite the odds being stacked against them. History is full of great examples like Tyler Perry sleeping in his car before becoming a billionaire movie mogul or Thomas Edison finally perfecting the light bulb after famously finding more than 3,000 ways that didn’t work. Some people become so stubbornly dedicated to their vision they never stop pursuing their goals until crossing that finish line they pictured in their mind, whether it be an Oscar or electrical illumination for the masses.

These stories are inspiring and inspire others to achieve their goals and accomplish whatever it is they set out to do as long as they keep at it. It requires some of the tougher virtues including patience, diligence, faith and humility. Sometimes it takes feeling like we have hit rock bottom in order to finally realize that the old way of doing things is not working so it’s time to make some much needed changes. That is where I found myself when I lost my direction in life but also lost the will to keep waking up every day. No map. Out of gas. Deep reflection in my fortress of solitude was my saving grace.

Reconnecting with my faith helped me become more diligent while remaining humble helped me earn patience. I saw how my life ran more smoothly when I started treating myself and others with more respect. While I also became my own biggest fan, I started rooting more for the people around me more often. We started encouraging each other more. I have seen my friends build successful businesses from scratch once they chose to hit the resets button with their careers. We inspire each other to keep planning and building life on our own terms.

For me, the most important quality for starting new adventures in life, whether personal or professional, is the courage of our convictions. How bad do we want it? Are we going into it with the right intentions? Are we willing to make the required sacrifices? And are we willing to keep putting in the effort no matter what? I believe if there is passion and purpose driving those desires, that comeback story is more likely. The underdog wills their way to being a top dog, albeit a humble and faithful one, balancing grit and patience while allowing life's adventures to unfold.

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