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Shifting from trying to doing

"Do. Or do not. There is not try."

I used to tell myself and others all the time, "I'm trying to [do this]" or "I'm trying to [do that]." I did a lot of trying. I realized the problem with trying is it gives us an easy out. After a good hearty attempt I used to say, "Well, I tried." I'm thinking of all the times I chose to not "try, try again" after not succeeding at first. There were certain areas in my life where I wanted to stop simply "trying." I wanted to be "doing" or "accomplishing" or "progressing toward." I did not want "trying" to turn into "tried." I wanted "doing" to turn into "did." I never heard of a "To Try" list. 😁

I conceptualized this blog on Thanksgiving Day (27 NOV.) 2020. I did not say. "I'm going to try starting a daily blog." I said, "I am starting a daily blog." To add more conviction I said, "I'm going to launch my new daily blog on my birthday," which was December 16th. I did not tell myself that I would try to do this. I told myself and others I was doing this. Huge difference! It was up to me to hold myself accountable to my bold statement. Since I do not enjoy letting myself down, I launched this blog 19 days after I said I was going to do so.

I do not state this fact to brag or boast (although I am very proud of myself!). I say this to show how I could have easily talked myself out of launching this blog, or delayed it indefinitely. There was no way I was going to talk myself out of the commitment I made to start on my birthday. I also made a commitment to post daily, while keeping the content fresh and providing helpful resources. Here I am 19 days after launch and I have not missed one day of posting to Subatomic Zen. I love having the commitment of posting daily as my accountability partner. I consider the subscribers of this blog as my accountability partners too. Challenge accepted! 😁

For me, it boils down to making a commitment to the things I truly want to accomplish in my lifetime. I want to keep helping people become better versions of themselves while they continue to level up in life. Whether it is through this daily blog or heart core hip hop music, I will continue to keep inspiring and motivating myself and others with positively charged words. I'm done trying. I am simply doing.

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