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The power of kindness

"When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world."

- Harold Kushner

A simple act of kindness can be very powerful. It put smiles on people's faces. It elevates moods. It gives people hope. It requires little effort and rewards everyone involved. The benefits practically sell themselves. Being kind to others should come easy, but there are people who make it difficult to treat with kindness, especially if we feel they are undeserving of it. Sometimes, it is the people who deserve it the least who could benefit from it the most. This is why being kind to even the grumpiest and angriest of people can spark a positive change for everyone involved.

There are countless stories about people whose random acts of kindness helped improve the lives of so many people. While donating money or time to help make the world a better place, even the simplest and seemingly small acts of kindness can work wonders in profound ways. Think about some of the times you were moved by the help or kind gesture of a complete stranger whose only intent was to be a good fellow human. They did not expect anything in return. In fact, they were most likely delighted to be of service to you. Win-win. That's the power of kindness.

Photo by Dilara Kirez on Pexels

Most people know the term "kill them with kindness." While killing does not reflect a positive image, the intent is clear. Keep being kind. Even when they choose to not be kind in return. We should not have to accept disrespect or mistreatment from others, but we can choose a more favorable response. Thrill them with kindness! When we refuse to sink to the lower level of behavior displayed by others, we choose self-love and self-care. We choose peace of mind over vanity and ego. We choose to not allow them to negatively affect our mood. That would not be fair to us. We also model the type of behavior that helps benefit everyone.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that can be viewed as cruel by so many standards and in so many different ways. We can also look at the ways in which people show their kindness and generosity. We each have the choice of where we land on the Kind-Cruel spectrum. Hopefully, you skew heavy toward kindness. I found it's the best way to live life. I hope you feel the same. I encourage everyone to be a bit more kind toward others today in some form or fashion. It's some pretty powerful stuff! 😊

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