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Committing to our passions

"Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare."

Think of a project or pursuit you made where you ended up abandoning it without seeing it to completion. Maybe you started planning a new side business or wanted to go back to school to obtain a degree or certification. What happened? Where did things unravel? We can come up with plenty of reasons as to why we gave up. Lack of time or money/resources is a common response. Or, we may get inside our own heads and talk ourselves out of it due to fear or anxiety. It can be very easy to talk ourselves out of our desires when we can't see ourselves ultimately attaining our goals.

I always ask myself one question when I am thinking about taking on a new endeavor and following through. How bad do I want it? If I am not willing to make sacrifices that require me to free up time in my schedule or curb my spending habits so I can afford it, I know I'm not likely to follow through. If I allow negative thinking to prevent me from making a commitment to this new idea, I have already decided it's not worth the effort. But if I am really passionate about it, I work on eliminating any reasons or excuses and make a stronger commitment to keep going until I cross the finish line.

Photo by Scott Moon on Unsplash

For me, it comes down to passion. I will usually end up wanting something so much if I am truly passionate about it. The things I am most passionate about are pursuits that line up with my aim in life. We all have different purposes for why we do the things we do. I aim to help myself and others level up and improve our quality of life. If I make a commitment based on self-improvement or helping others, it is much more likely that I will follow through. That is where my passion lies, especially when it comes to helping others.

What are you passionate about? What gets you excited? How might that passion translate into creating or pursuing something you can be proud of once you achieve what you set out to do? Sure, there may be plenty of things we would like to accomplish, but we are limited by time and resources sometimes. Fear or anxiety may get in the way. We just have to decide how bad we want it. If we are truly passionate about it, that just may be enough to get us across the finish line.

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