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Faith in how life unfolds

"Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us."

- Mimi Novic

We do not get to choose how our future plays out. We can plan everything to the very last detail, but inevitably, life happens. Unintended variables throw wrenches in plans. People and circumstances change. Life can be kind, rewarding and cruel in that regard. It's on us to play each hand we are dealt to the best of our ability. Sometimes we discover, as much as we may try to force it, life does not always work out the way we hoped it would. Sometimes, we learn life can turn out even better than we expected when we allow it to unfold in front of us more effortlessly.

If we choose to look at life with our blinders off, we are able to uncover a variety of opportunities we may never have even considered. We may be denied a certain path we hoped to carve out for ourselves, but there are always alternate new paths to pursue that provide less resistance and potentially more fulfillment. Sometimes obstacles are put in our way to test our resolve and determine how bad we want something. Sometimes the obstacles point us in another direction. We can only swim upstream for so long until the current leads us somewhere new with less resistance.

We do not always know where our pursuits will lead us. We can only hope for the best outcome possible. Even though we do not always end up with our intended outcome, we can be grateful for the experience and gather what we can from it all. What is life if we are not learning and growing along the way? The obstacles and and setbacks shape us, while determining how our life will eventually unfold. It's not for us to say which path is the right one, but the right attitude while on the path we are currently walking down can help us end up in the right place, whether we expected it or not.

Where is your current path leading you? What is your gut telling you when you reach that inevitable fork in the road? Trusting in the process while playing the hand we are dealt requires faith that we will arrive at the best outcome possible for us. It isn't always pretty. It isn't always exactly what we expected or desired. It ends up being what we manifested through our thoughts and actions. Our faith is what helps it crystalize into our life's work, while hopefully enjoying the fruits of our labor along the way.

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