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Getting on the same page

"Good communication is the bridge between clarity and confusion."

We know how important communication is in our personal and professional lives. Communication is how we get things done. It's how we come to agreements or disagreements or agreements to disagree. Without proper communication, we leave room for uncertainty and lack of understanding. Miscommunication can also cause a lack of trust between people when all of the details are not communicated.

I still have issues with communication in both my personal and professional life. Sometimes it's me. Sometimes it's someone else, but it happens. I feel my lack of good communication with others stems from many of my own personal issues. I used to assume way too much. I still do, but I am much better at reaching out to people instead of guessing. Sometimes I just don't feel like reaching out, which I feel is my way of avoiding things I need to get taken care of. Sometimes I just forget to make that call or send that email/text.

Photo by Trung Nguyen on Pexels

A commitment I have recently made to myself if to stop assuming anything. I can just reach out to find out the facts. I am also making a commitment to make that important call when I don't feel like it, because I know it needs to happen. No more kicking the can down the road, potentially making matters worse. The biggest change I have made recently is setting reminders and scheduling calls to people I have to communicate with. In this digital world we live in, there is no reason I should forget to do anything when we have so many devices that can remind us of what needs to get done.

We also have so many ways to communicate with each other through social media, email, text, Zoom, and of course, the telephone. It's fascinating to me how I sometimes avoid communication with people when technology makes it so easy to do. I am committing to better communication in all areas of my life since I know it benefits me to be on the same page with everyone I interact with, especially family, friends and colleagues. Are there any areas in your life where communication with others could use some improvement?

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