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Always loving ourselves

"To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness."

Self-love does not come easy to everyone. Fully loving oneself regardless requires accepting those little things about us we may perceive as flaws or imperfections. We can even become our own worst critic sometimes by focusing on what we do not like about ourselves while ignoring our best traits and qualities. Having this negative view can spark feelings of being unworthy or unlovable because of how we perceive ourselves. It can also lead to lacking the confidence to love ourselves and others more fully, which can prevent us from living more joyful lives.

I feel there are many more people on the planet who do not love themselves enough than people who love themselves too much. I have interacted with countless people who do not give themselves enough credit for how far they have progressed in their lives. They will also get down on themselves for not being where they would like to be in both their personal and professional lives. So they will beat themselves up about it instead of doing something about it. This describes me as well. I love to hate myself at times.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

I'm learning that the pity parties for one get me nowhere. I learned that beating myself up about it instead of doing something about it is very counterproductive. It's not even tough self-love. It's no self-love. I'm finding out by not being so hard on myself and not loading up on guilt, I have more confidence to do something about it. I don't get paralyzed by negativity stirring around in my mind. I have developed a brighter outlook by practicing more self-love. I can tell it's working because I am attracting more love into my life. By loving myself more, I also feel the need to give more love in different ways. Its flowing freely in both directions! 🤎

I understand the concept of how it can be tougher to love others when we are incapable of giving ourselves enough love and care. When I stopped treating others so poorly, I understood how important it is for me to stop treating myself so poorly. I found that's the key to living the best life. I am all about The Golden Rule. I'm getting better at showing myself the same respect, love and care I show to others. It's important for helping me to live a life full of more purpose and joy.

We have the capacity to express more Love toward ourselves and others. There's an endless supply of it. We might as well tap into it and spread it around more often, starting with ourselves first. 💜

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