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Being a kid

"I just like being a kid. I enjoy it, I don't want to grow up."

- Pharrell Williams

What was your favorite part about being a kid? Whatever it may be, was that part of your childhood able to follow you into adulthood? If your answer is related to having less responsibilities as a child, or more freedom, I am right there with you. As adults, we may at times miss those care-free days of our youth, where our biggest responsibilities were most likely homework and chores. Just because we may have more responsibilities and commitments as adults, does not mean we cannot still tap into our inner-child and experience what it is like to still be a kid.

My approach toward life requires making an effort to still be a kid when it's appropriate. I found the key attitude for me in feeling like I can still be a kid, is to not be so serious all the time. There are always going to be times we need to be serious, but we should have the ability to be our authentic self most the time. We should be able to coast on the back of the shopping cart from the grocery store exit to our car without feeling judged. We should be able to run through a sprinkler on the neighbor's lawn during a walk around the block on a hot summer day, hopefully to the delight of our neighbor. No harm. No foul.

Photo by Lalu Fatoni on Pexels

The best way for me to be a kid is to interact and play with them. I was blessed with thirteen nieces and nephews, so I have no shortage of playmates, who all live within a 45 minute commute from me. Whenever I find myself becoming too serious for the wrong reasons, I think of them and the care-free kid in me who always made an effort to enjoy life. Just because life requires us to attend to our adulting, does not mean we cannot still be a kid too. The best part of being an adult sometimes is being able to unleash our inner-child without feeling like we will be judged or mocked for it.

I encourage everyone to spend more time being a kid. Sometimes we just need to ignore the headlines and any drama in our lives. Sometimes we just need to be a kid. So go ahead, skip through the parking lot, sing to yourself while you shop, get some grass stains on your jeans. We don't have to stop beings kids just because we became grownups. It's up to us to decide whether to be the cranky adult yelling at the neighbor kids to get off our lawn, or go join them and have some fun!

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