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Blindly embracing Love

"Love is an act of faith."

Love is a powerful word. It is defined in many ways, yet can be tough to describe. There is the unconditional Love we may have for our family. There is platonic Love we may have for our friends. There is also romantic Love we reserve for the people we choose to be in committed relationships with. We also choose to Love arbitrary things like music, food or sports. Oh, and then there is self-love. What is Love? And why does our Love for people (including ourselves) and things fluctuate so much over time?

After more than 43 years on this planet, Love has been the most powerful force I have ever encountered. I equate Love to God, or Source: That place we come from and return to after each lifetime. I believe in a Spirit realm where we access infinite Love. I have felt that pure Love while in deep meditation. Once I access Love, it washes over me in the physical form of warmth and chills. Love does not hide or dissolve. It is always there for us to embrace or be engulfed in. Once I learned how pure Love exists everywhere, even though I cannot touch it or see it, I developed enough faith in Love to feel it and start loving myself and others more.

As I started loving myself and others more, I could see how my life became more enjoyable and the world around me seemed less dreary. Instead of seeing all that was not going well in my life, I started seeing more of the good. I owe much of this to gratitude, which I feel is one of the cornerstones of Love, along with faith. By expressing more gratitude in my life, including the unfortunate circumstances which I now see as opportunities for growth, I understand how my faith in Love/God/Source allows me to release any negativity I am experiencing. I simply turn to Love.

The more I express love toward all of the people in my life, the better my life circumstances seem to be. This also includes people I don't know. Even when I feel mistreated or ignored, I choose to tap into Love. It has been tougher for my ego to grasp, but he gets it. I have seen how responding with anger or hate does not serve me and sometimes makes matters worse. Now I choose to come from a place of Love. It's the best feeling! I also found by coming from a place of Love, I stopped giving others a reason to mistreat me. It still happens, but I choose to respond with Love. I have faith that Love is the best response.

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