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Cashing in on Zzzz's

"Sleep is the best meditation."

- Dalai Lama

We are all aware of the benefits of getting proper sleep. Making it through the day becomes a lot tougher without enough sleep. Besides providing us with the energy we need for the day, getting consistent good sleep helps boost our immune system, prevent weight gain, strengthen our heart and improve our memory, among many other things. Getting the right amount of sleep is an investment we make for ourselves. All adults should be aiming for a minimum of seven hours every night.

The first step to a good night's sleep is a good environment to fall asleep in. Two nighttime rituals that have worked wonders for me are no screen time for a half hour before bed and setting my phone on the other side of the room while I'm sleeping so I am not tempted to use it while lying in bed. I also have everything on silent at night so I'm not distracted by random alerts. Being able to sleep through the night without distractions is the key to a great night's sleep.

Falling sleep can be tough if we have a lot on our mind and cannot seem to stop it from flooding over with unwanted thoughts. To take my mind off the negative I have a gratitude journal I write in almost every night before I fall asleep. I simply list three things I am grateful for. It helps me to stay focused on the good. I also started thinking more about what plans I have for the future while I am drifting off to sleep. It's that state between waking and sleeping that Neville Goddard called SATS where we can plant seeds of desire to help them come to fruition.

We understand the importance of getting enough sleep on a consistent basis. We can tell the difference from those nights where we don't get our minimum requirement. This is why making sleep a priority is important for our quality of life. We can't fully enjoy life if we are not recharging our batteries enough every day. We make sure our phones are at 100% when we wake up. We should keep making an effort to make sure we are at 100% when we wake up every morning too.

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