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Coming from a place of Love

"It's not the love you make. It's the love you give."

Some of the most important constructs of our reality lack tangibility. Love is right up there with God (I equate them). We talk about it every day, but we can't see it or touch it. We can feel it. We give it and receive it through our thoughts and actions. It factors in to our best and worst days and touches all of our lives in some form or another.

Before I reconnected with my heart back in 2006 I was confused about Love, whether unconditional, romantic or the platonic type we reserve for our dearest friends. I was in a really bad place mentally and emotionally during my mid 20's. I got so low I did not feel like loving anyone or anything in any kind of way, including myself. It took me hitting rock bottom to spark some deep Soul Searching which reconnected me to my faith in a Higher Power. Now I realize life is more than what we experience through our five senses. It all stems from one thing that connects us all: Love.

Love is the one thing I feel science is missing due to its lack of measurability. Love is missing from a theory of everything but is ironically at the center of a movie with the same title. In science, Love stays hidden in the aether or fifth element. While I feel science needs Love, I also believe Love needs science too. If only more people knew how powerful Love is, how beautiful Love can be when we harness it and apply it correctly, but also how destructive it can be when used to manipulate or control people.

Someone recently told me "The opposite of Love is not hate, it's indifference." It's a great way to look at it, be it a person, a career or life in general. I never liked the word "hate," even when I was disconnected from Love. But I was indifferent to it all. I didn't understand love until I looked deep inside myself and felt All of the Love. Now I give Love freely and unconditionally to everyone, starting with me first. My world has never been better. For me, it started by coming from a place of Love. 💖

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