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Contagious happiness

"Whoever is happy will make others happy too."

- Anne Frank

Do you ever notice how certain people tend to have an infectious type of happiness about them? They don't try too hard at being happy. They simply choose to be happy. They do not necessarily have perfect lives without everyday issues we all have to deal with. They just don't allow their circumstances to determine their mood. Their default mood is happiness. They choose happiness over any other mood since it reflects how they want to live.

How we respond to other people's happiness is what helps determine the type of mood we choose to be in. We can share in the happiness of others and allow it to flow more freely into our world. We can also be bitter about it, wondering why they seem to effortlessly project a sense of happiness into their world. It's our choice. How we respond says a lot about the type of person we choose to be. Hopefully, for the good of humanity and our own wellbeing, most of us choose to join in on the happiness.

There have been studies that prove how happiness can be contagious. Whether it's people sharing feel good stories online or meeting up with friends for a night out after a tough day, we find joy through the joy of others. There is also the flipside of happiness. The "misery loves company" crowd is usually looking for others to share their unhappiness with. They would rather wallow in their emotional dissatisfaction than find joy in anything. It can be just as contagious for all the wrong reasons. Again, the choice is ours.

Life would not be complete without it's up and downs, but it's the challenging times that are a true test of our resilience and ability to move on. The more we are determined to enjoy life and live in happiness, the better our ability to make the most of whatever life brings our way. The more we choose to spend time with those who also choose happiness as their default, the more happiness will be available to us and those around us. Happiness is contagious. Go out and catch some!

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