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Creating the right vibes

“Everything in life is vibration.”

- Albert Einstein

My first introduction to good vibrations were songs by The Beach Boys and when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark in the early 90's. I was not introduced to the concept of vibrational energy until my late twenties. I started learning about chakras and quantum mechanics around the same time. Contemplating reality through both lenses at once had me seeing the world from a much different perspective. I started factoring in vibrational energy by being more conscious about the vibes I was creating, but also the energy I perceived around others.

This is right around the time I started taking better care of my mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual health. I was looking to live at a higher vibrational level, which took some faith and commitment on my part. It was a gradual process, and as I started making improvements in my own personal growth, I also felt the urge to pursue a career in the helping field. I wanted to help people raise their vibrational level. I don't explain it in those terms, but in a way, the goal of my job is to help others improve their mental health. Essentially, better mental health correlates with living at a higher vibration.

Making a constant effort to live at a higher vibration has certainly unfolded with mixed results. For me, it's a matter of doing things that help contribute to a healthy body, mind and Spirit. Some of my favorite activities for creating higher vibrations include being out in nature, cardio exercise like dancing and running, and being around others who also prefer to live in a higher vibration (whether they realize it or not). When life is not going my way, I sometimes struggle to stay in a higher vibration due to negative emotions that can stir up anxiety, fear and doubt. I have learned to combat these feelings by practicing higher vibration activities. This prevents me from getting stuck in a rut.

I feel the whole mystery and science behind vibrational energy gets a bad rep for a number of reasons. Mostly, I think it's because we can't see energy, but we can feel it. You have been around people who give off bad vibes and good vibes, and I'm sure you can recognize the difference. Also, this concept is relatively new in the West, but Qi energy has existed in the East for more than 5,000 years. Some people (including my former self) may write it off as new age and woo woo. That is their choice. Whether or not you subscribe to it, your mood seems dependent on the vibrational energy you are creating. What vibes have you been putting out there lately?

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