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Feeling our faith

"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible."

Faith can be a tricky topic. Faith is one of those esoteric terms I feel is easier to feel than describe. To have a sense that something is going to work out in our favor, to me, is putting trust in the Universe, or in God. For me, it's not necessarily knowing everything will work out according to plan, but that it's all unfolding the way it does for a reason. I feel the totality of intentions we tell ourselves and others throughout the day (good and bad) eventually comes to fruition through our faith in the process and trust in the Powers that don't bleed.

I feel our belief in a Higher Power determines the level of faith each of us tunes into every day. Before I reconnected to my heart in 2006 I had very little faith in anything Spiritual. I was raised Catholic, and after my Confirmation in 8th grade, my faith started steadily declining from there. I was at odds with many practices of the church, but struggled to leave behind the valuable life lessons I learned. I never reached the point of claiming to be an atheist, but I was agnostic for quite a while during my teens and 20's. My belief in God wavered in young adulthood and I feel my outlook on life suffered because of it.

I am grateful for deep Soul searching which helped me reconnect to my heart and Spirit in my late 20's. I have been living with more faith ever since. It's not always easy to handle the results, but I always feel it's fair based on my faith and trust in the Source connecting us all. Having more faith has helped me to worry less and properly manage moments of doubt or anxiety. Having more faith led to creating more joy and less pain in my life. I have essentially gone all in on faith! Although, I have learned not to force my faith on anyone else. We are all on our own path, and have our own definitions of faith.

We also have our own level of faith in the Unknown, except for those claiming to have none. I believe our level of faith factors into the quality of life we live. I feel people who have more faith and predict positive outcomes experience more joy in life. I also feel people who lose faith or give up on it, end up having a more bleak outlook on the future and end up manifesting exactly what they expected. So, for me, even the people who live on the bottom side of faith will negatively feel themselves into their existence. It's simply a matter of feeling what we have faith in, hopefully or dreadfully. That's our choice.

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