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Having faith

“Faith in a Higher Power helps us to control our mind and thoughts."

Having faith in anything requires us to believe in something beyond what our five senses experience every day. We might not know whether or not we will finish that project on time or secure that perfect job or career, but hopefully, we have faith that we will. Otherwise, our lack of faith, or concern that things will not go right, can lead to an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy that confirms what our bleak outlook predicted.

We each define faith differently based on our connection with the Divine presence that permeates our existence. Some of us may feel it stirring inside, especially when entranced in deep meditation or during moments of clarity. People like atheists deny the existence of anything outside of their perceived reality playing a role in their lives. Agnostics require proof of the unseen shaping their life circumstances before they can instill their faith in a higher power. The spectrum of faith is a wide one, from fully faithful, to none at all.

I started having more faith in a higher power when I started sitting in silence to help manage my issues with anxiety and depression. I could feel the Love wash over me in the form of spine tingling chills and tears of joy. I always felt better after clearing my head of the negative thoughts and worries. Before that, I would have considered myself agnostic, needing verifiable proof that God or a higher power exists. I did not need to see the proof anymore since I felt it! This is what makes having faith so subjective. How can I prove what I feel? Either way, I now live a life filled with faith that everything in my life is unfolding the way it does for a reason.

Even the unfortunate circumstances I deal with, I have faith that they are paving the way for a better and brighter future. It's a stark contrast from my past, when I flirted with faith, but had difficulty believing the best was yet to come. A simple change in my overall perspective of life and the magic that happens beyond the veil of our everyday experience is what helped me to have faith in a higher power. I feel it, and it's comforting to know how having faith has helped me to live a life filled with more purpose and joy.

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