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Just do it!

"Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!"

I love Nike's ubiquitous slogan from from a 1980's campaign that still has prominence today, right at the top of their Facebook page. Just do it. We still see people wearing shirts all over the planet that encourage us to, Just do it. (with or without the just as infamous Nike swoosh logo). They use a period. I prefer an exclamation point. Just do it! 😃 What a simple slap in the face of procrastination. Just do it! I love it.

I love Nike's slogan so much I put it in one of my songs entitled, "Putting in the effort." "It sounds so simple when it comes down to it. I'll get like Nike and Just do it! The main thing is the will and perseverance to get there. Nothing will ever come to fruition if I just sit here. I'm putting in the effort. Keep on striving. Climbing. Grinding. I'm thriving." It's even more motivating with a beat in the background. 😁

I will actually hear the song playing in my head sometimes when I know I need to get stuff done and I'm not feeling motivated. A lot of the lyrics I write are basically affirmations for me to keep leveling up in life. The titles of some songs are motivators, "Keep the good going," "The strength inside me," "Hit the ground running." You get the point. Sometimes we need a little kick in the ass to get us off the couch and in the gym, or on the phone. Whatever it is we need to do to reach our goals, a little motivation and inspiration can go a long way.

"Just do it" is a great mantra for getting us out of the procrastination sensation that loves to set in when we just don't feel like putting in the effort. More important than those three words is our reason for wanting to accomplish whatever it is we would rather put off in the moment. Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves how bad we really want it. It could be something simple like taking a class to learn a new skill. We know all of the typical excuses, like not having the time or the resources. If we know in our heart of hearts that it's what we really want and will help us create the better life we aspire to live, the excuses are simply obstacles for us to overcome. If we want it bad enough, we have to be willing to do what it takes and Just do it!

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