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Know laughing matters

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Laughter is referred to as the best medicine for a reason. It can quickly cure the blues. Laughter can make two strangers share an instant connection. It’s a powerful force. Laughter can even bring people together across different cultures. We don’t even have to speak a word to make others laugh. We can make a silly face or do a silly dance. Laughter helps relieve stress too. Simply put, it’s tough to be in a bad mood when we are laughing.

I love to laugh. Even during my darkest days of depression, laughter is what kept me afloat through the tough times. Some of my favorite ways to laugh are stand-up comedy and sitcoms. I am also blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who appreciate laughter and love to make others laugh as much as they love to laugh. I stopped making fun of people because I now feel, when they stop laughing, it is not funny anymore. Sure, it's fun to tease, until the person being teased stops laughing. I prefer situations where everyone is laughing, including the butt of the joke, even if that's me. 😁

Life became much easier and less serious for me when I began laughing at myself more. I stopped feeling embarrassed or getting upset at myself for silly blunders or mixups. I was able to let go of my ego and not care what others think about me. More importantly, it involved me becoming more vulnerable and less critical of myself. I realized I was not being fair to me by being so hard on myself. I was also not being fair to others by being so hard on them. I chose to laugh more at myself and less at others. It has been a humbling process.

If we can learn to laugh more at ourselves while we navigate through life, we are guaranteed to have a much more enjoyable ride. I did the whole negative outlook and laughing for all the wrong reasons, usually at someone else’s expense. It felt uncomfortable after accessing Love through deep reflection. I now prefer to laugh at myself. Remembering how I used to overreact is what makes the spills and wrong turns even more funny now. Letting go of the need to get upset or angry can become easier if we can learn to laugh it off instead. It's in these situations where we get to choose our mood. Choosing a more positive response can help us feel better laughter the fact. 😁

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