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More self-care

"Be kinder to yourself, and then let your kindness flood the world."

We all have our own level of self-care when attending to our personal needs. We make sure to do the basics like keeping ourselves clean and staying hydrated. Some of us are better about getting the right amount of sleep every night and eating healthier meals. Something many of us avoid is treating ourselves with the proper amount of self-love, especially if we are struggling with our overall self-care.

Taking better care of myself has helped me transform into a much better version of me. It helps helps me strive to become my best self every day. It's a big difference from my teens and young adulthood. I was more concerned with pleasure seeking and living for the moment instead of thinking about the long-term effects of my unhealthy lifestyle. I didn't realize at the time, but I was headed down a path of self-destruction, while lacking in self-love and avoiding self-care.

I am truly grateful for completing deep shadow work in my late 20's. It was not pleasant, but it was necessary in order for me to reclaim my authentic self. All of my self-destructive ways led me to rock bottom, where I realized I had become my own worst enemy. I decided to become my own best friend instead. It started with taking better care of myself, both mentally and physically. It started incrementally and in spurts. Now, I feel at the top of my game mentally, physically, emotionally and Spiritually. By reconnecting with my heart through meditation and shadow work, I was able to rediscover self-love for myself and for life.

I now understand how treating myself with more respect and self-love is important for living my best life. How we treat ourselves will determine our level of self-care. When we take better care of ourselves, we are much more equipped to take care of our loved ones and our responsibilities. It starts with self-care, which comes from self-love. With more self-love, we can improve our wellbeing and quality of life by understanding the benefits of more self-care.

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